PTCL is a leading provider of telecom voice and data services within Pakistan. As part of its continuing infrastructure developments, PTCL has embarked upon a major investment program in the Network Operations Center (NOC).

The purpose of NOC is to control, monitor and manage the entire PTCL network; to enhance and optimize network management through a transparent and centralized platform and to create a highly available, adaptable and fault resilient network that can meet market demand and offer customer satisfaction. Through the NOC, PTCL has been able to address those issues with a complete convergence of the entire network on a single platform.


  • ✔ Proactive identification and resolution of faults through Real-time Network Monitoring & status visibility. 
  • ✔ Increased network availability through Enhanced Quality of Service and centralized performance statistics and reporting mechanism. 
  • ✔ Increased Accountability and Transparency through escalation policies, work orders and maintenance of secure activity logs. 

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