Training & Development


We believe that the role of training and development in a service involved organization is many times more in comparison with what it has in a manufacturing involved organization.

This role becomes more significant in a situation where the need to transform organizational culture is identified as the most glaring problem and the most difficult impediment on the way to organizational growth. PTCL employees are a great asset not only for the company but also for the country. Their marvelous potential is yet to be exploited. Their skills need to be developed, their expertise need to be updated for which training and development department is at their disposal to cater their training needs.

We assure that, training and development team would never miss an opportunity to contribute towards the betterment of the company. Training and Developments is playing an essential role in changing PTCL from a government sector organization to corporate sector company. We consider every employee of the company as our customer and firmly believe that meeting their expectation would help us achieve customer satisfaction. We look forward to your input for making our endeavors more effective.

We would like to take this opportunity to salute all our workers and employees especially those who are working in the field and assure them that the management is fully aware of their dedication and hard work and appreciates their performance and want to make them more skillful and improve their expertise through different trainings.

In this spirit, that T&D Training and Development has a clear road map of activities and is committed to provide high quality trainings for the development of every single employee. We promise that your support and cooperation coupled with our hard work will bring epoch making triumphs and prosperity for PTCL.