Ufone (Pak Telecom Mobile Limited)

Ufone (Pak Telecom Mobile Ltd) a wholly-owned subsidiary of PTCL commenced its operations on 29th January 2001. Since the outset, it has expanded its coverage and customer base at a rapid pace and established itself as one of the leading cellular service providers in Pakistan. Ufone is now considered to be one of the most active, aggressive and innovative players in the mobile sector of Pakistan.

The growth of the cellular industry is a direct result of the successful implementation of the telecom deregulation and cellular mobile policy by the Ministry of IT and Telecommunications (MOIT&T) and the support, guidance and timely enforcement of regulatory process by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).


The growth of the cellular sector in Pakistan can also be attributable to good governance policies of the government of Pakistan and the Privatization Commission. In April 2006, Etisalat International Pakistan, which is commonly known as Etisalat, has assumed management control of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) – part of the $2.6bn deal to buy a 26% stake in PTCL. The successful privatization of PTCL is hailed as ushering in a new era for telecommunications in Pakistan.

Key Accomplishments

Ufone has always played a pivotal role in the development of the cellular market in Pakistan. The company has been a step ahead in introducing innovative products to the market. Ufone was a pioneer in launching the GPRS services and Multi-media Messaging Service (MMS) in Pakistan, and lead the way in introducing Postpaid GPRS international roaming and prepaid international roaming for these services in the Pakistani market.


Customer focus and innovation at Ufone has helped take our subscriber base to over twenty four million in less than a decade. The array of products and services that Ufone brings has been implemented in a multitude of areas including voice, SMS, data, VAS and lately in MFS and 3G. Ufone covers more than 10,000 locations across Pakistan providing seamless connectivity to millions of individuals, households, businesses and  SME’s.

Since its inception Ufone has positioned itself as a brand of masses that believes in innovation. Ufone has always been the trend setter in the industry and has launched numerous “industry-first”  products in all business segments. Over time, Ufone has augmented its popularity amongst the mass and youth segment on the basis of trust, affordability, convenience and availability.

Ufone launched Mobile Financial Services in 2013 in Partnership with Umicrofinance Bank owned by PTCL. Currently Ufone has over 25,000 agents enabling millions of non-banked consumers. This operation is expanding very rapidly and is currently placed amongst top MFS players.

More recently Ufone has acquired 5MHz spectrum of 3G. Ufone is the fastest expanding 3G network in Pakistan with over 700 3G enabled cell  sites. Ufone is the only operator which is offering speed based pricing structure to its customers which enables them to choose from a  variety of internet packages based on speed, volume and time validity.

International Coverage

Ufone provides International Roaming facility with more than 310 live operators to create ease of communication in more than 140 countries. Ufone not only has multiple GPRS roaming agreements with international operators, but is also currently the proud provider of Pakistan’s largest GPRS & Blackberry roaming coverage available with more than 233 Live Operators across 126 countries, extended to both Postpay and prepaid customers. Ufone network coverage is consistently available in over 10,000 locations including cities, rural areas and major highways for the vast-spread connectivity it offers. 

Customer Service

Excellent Customer Services and a strong Customer Focus is a common trait at Ufone. Through 23 company-owned Sales & Customer Service Centers and 387 Franchise Sales and Customer Service Centers across the country, Ufone is striving to offer its customers with the best possible experience and is constantly working on ways to improve it. The Company outlets across the country are equipped with latest technology and empowered with highly skilled & motivated Customer Service Team ready to serve the customers with the most innovative solutions. Maintaining long-term customer relationships, it has the ability to attract and retain new customers sustaining high level of satisfaction via optimum network services, accessible outlets and a 24 hour Call Center facility.

Network Coverage

Ufone has always believed in a solid commitment to growth, security and reliability. Therefore, Ufone has always balanced its expansion efforts and quality of service. Ufone has network coverage in more than 10,000 locations (cities, towns, villages) across the country. Since year 2001 Ufone has covered 77% population of the country

Ufone has been instrumental in the growth of the cellular market in Pakistan. It is a company committed to excellence. Under the new vision of Etisalat and with the support and collaboration of its employees and vendors, Ufone aspires to be the best in the market by offering customer focused products and a quality service and sales network.  After all it’s all about U!

Ufone 3G

We are immensely pleased to announce Ufone has won the auction for 3G. We know that the successes of today are never sufficient for tomorrow; that’s exactly why technology and innovation go hand-in-hand at Ufone. By acquiring 3G and empowering itself with mobile Internet that rivals the speed of light, Ufone is truly the network of tomorrow.

This is just the first step in a telecommunication revolution that will soon engulf Pakistan. Using the power of 3G, Ufone is going to add unprecedented levels of innovation to thrill and excite you with super-fast mobile Internet that will usher U into the future. 

A 3G-enabled future where lightning-fast mobile Internet speeds are more than just wishful thinking: Where all you really need is a phone to take care of email, entertainment, social networking and so much more. Where Ufone is the new standard for Internet and all that it stands for!

Ufone welcomes you to a digitally integrated future where U can finally utilize the power of smart phones to their full extent. For more details, please visit:

Ufone 3G Coverage

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Ufone 3G tariff

Ufone was the first operator in Pakistan to commercially launch 3G services. For more details about Ufone mobile internet bundles, please visit:

U Microfinance Bank Limited (Formerly Rozgar Microfinance Bank Limited)

U Microfinance Bank Limited (Formerly known as Rozgar Microfinance bank Ltd.) was incorporated as public limited company established in 2003 as a district wide microfinance Bank (MFB) operating in Karachi district. PTCL finalized the arrangements including regulatory compliances to acquire 100% ownership of Rozgar Microfinance Bank Limited in August 2012. The acquisition was in line with PTCL Group’s initiative on financial inclusion through branch banking and availing the benefits of opportunities offered vide Digital-Commerce. The initiative includes offering banking services & solutions as well as digital payments.  The Bank has been acquired and its name was changed to U Microfinance Bank Limited in December 2012 and SBP accorded its approval for the name change along with Nationwide license in January 2013.

The decision to acquire Rozgar Microfinance Bank Limited was an initiative to enhance  financial inclusion through a combination of Branch and alternative delivery channels. The Bank is engaged in provisioning of all permissible products and services under Microfinance Institutions Ordinance 2001, which includes diverse range of lending (Microfinancing), deposits, remittance products including IBFT & debit cards to its target market through its branch and branchless agents network across the Pakistan.    

Branchless banking brings a bouquet of financial services to consumers on the go. The services include P2P (person to person) Money transfer, mobile wallets, cash-in cash-out, bill payments, G2P (government to person) payments, merchant/retail payments, loan disbursement, loan repayment, donation collection and more. Branchless banking is used to substantially increase the financial services outreach to the mass unbanked communities. It represents a significantly cheaper alternative to conventional branch-based banking that allows financial institutions in arrangement with other commercial sectors to offer financial services outside traditional bank premises by using delivery channels i.e. retail agents through mobile and internet communication protocols etc.

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DVCOM Data Private Limited

DVCOM Data, a 100% owned subsidiary of PTCL, was acquired along with the 5 MHz spectrum in 1900 MHz band licensed to it in nine telecom regions to provide Wireless Local Loop (WLL) operations after fully complying with all the regulatory requirements.

Objective of the said acquisition is to supplement the EVDO wireless broadband services of PTCL through synergies within the PTCL Group companies.

Towards this end, formal commercial arrangements are in place in between PTCL and DVCOM Data.

Smart Sky Private Limited

Smart Sky, a 100% owned subsidiary of PTCL, was incorporated in October 2015 with the objective to provide Direct-to-Home (DTH) television services throughout Pakistan under the license from Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA). The auction for DTH license was held in November 2016, in which Smart Sky also participated. Subsequent to the auction, however, the Honorable Lahore High Court declared the whole process of DTH auction as null and void and advised PEMRA to restart the whole process. As the said auction is yet to be re-processed by the regulators, Smart Sky has not started its commercial operations.