Universal Access Number

Are you tired of advertising multiple contact numbers for your business? Do you receive huge traffic on one of your landlines while other remain idle? Are your customers complaining whichever number they dial is always busy? Do you want single contact number for multiple office locations? Subscribe for our UAN (Universal Access Number) product to address all these concerns.

This service will connect your customers to next available representative/line by dialing a single 111 number. Moreover, you can give your business a unique identity by getting an easy to remember customized number. i.e. 111-Bakery (111-225-379).

Key Benefits: 

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • A single, easy to remember business number
  • Unique Business Identity
  • Connectivity to multiple lines in same or different office locations
  • No more busy tones with idle lines/representatives
  • Option to add customized announcements
  • Works both in multiline PABX and multi phone connections

For further information, queries and sale Inquiries please Click here or contact our SME helpline i.e. 4000 from your Ufone number or 0800-80808 from any other network.