Go Wireless with PTCL

We have got you covered with all you need to stay connected. Our EVO 3G network is the perfect choice to get your SME across the Country! 


  • Fast download & upload speeds (Average speeds of 5-15 Mbps on downlink & 2-5 Mbps on uplink)
  • Connect to 10 devices with CharJi EVO Cloud
  • Seamless CharJi Coverage in over 50 cities & 3G EVO coverage in over 180 cities.


  • Nationwide + AJK wireless internet availability
  • Flexible packages & customized pricing
  • 1-year warranty coverage & 24/7 customer service support
  • One window billing operation for clients using other PTCL corporate products/solutions 

For further information, queries and sale Inquiries please Click here or contact SME helpline at 4000 from your Ufone or 0800-80808 from any other network