SME Bundle Packages

We meet all your business needs through Elite Bundle with monthly subscription of Ufone resources (Minutes, Data & SMS) at extremely economical rates for small businesses. These resources can be shared among your employees based on time-based rules or defined quotas. In addition to Ufone Resources, Pro Bundle is equipped with PTCL Triple Play (FTTH/DSL, Voice, Smart IPTV) for a complete 360-degree solution for connectivity needs of your business.



Q: Can I use my existing Ufone numbers with this package? 

A: Yes. You can use new or existing Ufone (postpay/prepay) numbers with this package. 

Q: Can I distribute SME bundle resources among employees as per my own choice? 

A: Yes, you have the authority to divide Ufone resources as per your business needs. e.g You can allocate Minutes/Data/SMS quotas to specific users and/or you can define time-based rules for your employees by using BizEaze Portal. You can modify these rules as and when required as per your choice. 

Q: What will happen if my employee use Internet or make calls other than defined time slot in the SME bundle or when allocated quota is consumed? 

A: Any usage apart from the rules you define would be considered as personal usage for the employees/users. They will be charged for any such usage from their main SIM card balance or will be billed accordingly in case of postpay subscription. 

Q: What will happen to existing Ufone Postpay/Prepay packages and their services? 

A: Your employees/users can still use Ufone Postpay/Prepay packages and associated services with complete freedom once allocated free resources from SME bundle are consumed or restricted due to time-based rules. Moreover, they can subscribe for buckets/super card products to manage their personal usage. 

Q: Can I change my selected bundle plan? 

A: Yes. The change will be effective from the 1st of the following month. 

Q: Can I change added Ufone Postpay/Prepay numbers or PTCL products? 

A: Yes. You can change added Ufone Postpay/Prepay numbers or PTCL products as per your requirements. Terms & Conditions apply. 

Q: How can I subscribe to SME bundles? 

A: You can visit any Ufone & PTCL Shop or Franchise in order to subscribe to these bundles. Once subscribed, SME Bundles will auto renew on monthly basis till you opt-out.

For further information, queries and sale Inquiries please Click here contact SME helpline at 4000 from your Ufone or 0800-80808 from any other network.