Managed Digital Radio Services

If your organization relies on mission-critical communications to perform routine and emergency tasks, you know you can’t afford downtime if the messages have to get through. You may need to get the right people to the right places or co-ordinate critical tasks during a large infrastructure project, or manage a large fleet.

In these scenarios, and many more, you need reliable communications using proven technologies but most communication methods are often inadequate. You need customized and managed solutions that are built to the most stringent service levels to address your challenges.

That’s why you can rely on our fit-for-purpose government, emergency and commercial solutions to keep communications working in even the toughest environments.


  • We give you the confidence of being able to get the message across when it needs to.
  • Streamline operations with fit-for purpose radio communication solutions for your organization.
  • With a team of dedicated radio professionals managing your network end-to-end, you don’t have to invest in scarce radio expertise and train staff.
  • We can work with you to develop a security plan to suit your needs. We also offer encrypted radio services to keep your communications confidential.
  • We have innovative ways to reduce capital investment and maintenance overheads, and make budgeting easier. You can keep pace with innovations while paying predictable monthly fees.