Managed WAN

PTCL’s Managed WAN services allow enterprise customers to run and support a wide area network over any region in Pakistan. This helps to achieve your business objectives while reducing operational expenses. Our nationwide reach, strong SLA’s and business continuity features help run WAN services seamlessly. This allows enterprises to focus on their strategic objectives whilst PTCL manages end to end WAN connectivity.

Key Features:

  • End to end full life cycle management service
  • Online availability of reports on demand basis
  • Proactive response to alarms
  • 24×7 monitoring

Key Benefits:

  • No need to buy Hardware devices to monitor the CPE’s
  • Reduction of human resource
  • Business improvements & automation
  • Reduced network training cost
  • Service agility

Value Addition:

PTCL Managed WAN services take complexity off customer's resources and provides turnkey solution on minimal monthly charges. PTCL Managed WAN services can facilitate customers to design, build & implement their wide area network in a simplified, secure and flexible manner.