PTCL has introduced “Digital Video Broadcast – 2nd Generation (DVB-S2)” satellite communication service for corporate customers. Being the largest integrated telecommunications service provider in Pakistan, we are offering i-Direct DVB-S2 satellite communication services for national and international communication.

PTCL is the most experienced operator in the satellite communication domain and has extensive ground support, operations and infrastructure to serve the variety of satellite communication applications like video, voice, data, surveillance etc.



  • Support (TDMA/DVB-S2) technology for enterprise connectivity
  • Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connectivity based on advanced satellite technology
  • Wide frequency spectrum
  • High-quality satellite solutions for bandwidth requirements from 64Kbps to 4Mbps


  • Reachability: Access in remote locations for business operability
  • Cost Cutting: Single hop to reach the destination
  • Back-up to Terrestrial Networks: VSAT networks act very well as back-ups to terrestrial networks such as Leased Lines, MPLS Circuits, Broadband DSL, and Internet over Fiber due to its very high reliability
  • Reliability: VSAT is very reliable having the uptime of 99.95% and above
  • Scalability: VSAT networks is scalable to accommodate multiple locations across the globe
  • Rapid deployment: Deployment can be done throughout Pakistan
  • Flexible Payment: Simplified billing as per the customer requirement