Domestic Private Leased Circuit

Domestic Private Leased Circuit: Safe, Secure & Speedy

A point-to-point digital leased circuit with a clear channel for integrated and high-speed voice, data and video communications.

Experience enhanced speed with dedicated bandwidth that guarantees secure connectivity for mission-critical applications between two key business locations.

Take a look at the features on offer:

  • Transport data securely via dedicated end-to-end facility.
  • Managed capacity over nationwide/metro NG-SDH network infrastructure to ensure higher reliable bandwidth.
  • Dedicated service on a point-to-point circuit enabling end to-end transportation of high capacity transmission speed from E1 up to STM-64.
  • Transmission network offers resilient service through protected ring and self-healing architecture.

Reap These Benefits:

  • PTCL provides maximum reach nationwide
  • Guaranteed network uptime as high as 99.5%
  • We monitor network performance 24/7 non-stop