Managed Colocation

Carrier Services provide provisioning of space for IT infrastructure and equipment that is owned by you but housed on a PTCL’s premises is Managed colocation. It is a perfect option for businesses that wants to control their systems but don’t have the physical space to house their own infrastructure. PTCL’s Managed colocation takes this one step further by taking on the responsibility of managing your business’s IT infrastructure, in addition to physically hosting it.

Depending on the Service Level Agreement (SLA) that’s in place, a PTCL managed colocation will not only look after the server hardware, but will also manage the operating system, applications and databases. Other managed services such as security, backup and storage can be added on as part of the managed colocation service.

Managed colocation is a great fit for your businesses that are to retain your own infrastructure, but with a certain level of server management expertise. The benefit for smaller businesses is that it saves on costs, both in terms of physical space and the need to hire expensive IT expertise.