Voice Interconnection (CMOS/LDIS/LLOS – Domestic)

Being an incumbent operator and in order to cater for the Voice Interconnect requirements of all the telecom operators in Pakistan, PTCL has deployed state of the art nation-wide Switching Network comprising of Digital Transit Exchanges, NGN Soft Switches and Media Gateways, for seamless services provisioning under PTA RIO based charging zones regime as well as volume based commercial models, both for traditional TDM and latest SIP interconnects.


  • An operator may choose to establish voice interconnection only with PTCL and can terminate its traffic to any other operator indirectly through PTCL Switching Network.
  • High Service Availability due to redundant PTCL Switching Network, with multiple traffic routing paths
  • Dedicated Account Team for customized voice solutions
  • 24x7x365 O&M online support through centralized Carrier Services Desk (CSD)
  • Flexible interconnect topology