IP Transit Services

In today’s extremely competitive IP transit marketplace, providers of Internet and content services require a differentiated upstream Internet service that will complement or improve upon their existing arrangements, delivering cost-effective, rapid access to global content, together with assured reliability. They also need the flexibility to be able to react quickly to changes in demand or expectations. PTCL IP Transit is a high-performance, Internet access service that satisfies each of these requirements.

PTCL IP Transit Service provides CMOs, LDIs, LLOs, ISPs and other ICT organizations with a high-speed, high-quality connection to the Internet, through access to our entire BGP routing table. Internet content is delivered via our private, low latency and low packet loss fiber-optic and Multi-Protocol Label Switching over IP (MPLS/IP) network, which provides connectivity between key Internet and business markets across the country. The service is underpinned by extensive customer routes and peering connections with major Upstream Providers.

Our IP network is connected to Tier-1 IP service providers around the globe via multiple submarine cables in East and West direction to guarantee 100% availability, in case of any International Submarine Cable cut. PTCL is obviously 1st choice for Pakistani Telecom Operators, being the sole consortium partner for four International Submarine Cable Systems i.e. AAE-1, SMW4, IMEWE & SMW3.

PTCL network is extended globally, having presence in Europe (AMS-IX, LINX) and in East (Equinix, Singapore). PTCL Pakistan Internet Exchange (PIE) has extensive peering and interconnection connectivity with major global Content Providers like Google, Facebook, YouTube.

PTCL Carrier grade & premium IP Transit service is complemented by the following components:

  • Full access to the entire global Internet
  • A fully managed connection from any of our IP gateways or nation-wise PIE nodes
  • A comprehensive SLA guaranteeing service delivery, availability, latency and packet delivery
  • 24x7x365 service management and technical customer support through dedicated Carrier Services Desk (CSD)
  • Secure online performance reporting

Fully Managed support for Add-Ons like URL Filtering, DDoS Protection, IPBW on Demand