Data Product & Services

Data Product and Services

  • International Private Leased Circuits (IPLC)
  • MPLS / International VPN
  • IP Transit
  • Satellite and Radio Solutions

International Private Leased Circuits (IPLC)

Designated to fulfill the demands of privately owned secure global networks with dispersed locations, PTCL IPLC is a dedicated point to point leased service between your various business premises around the world, providing a reliable platform for global private networks.

PTCL’s IPLC offers high speed dedicated digital connections not only from Pakistan to the world, but also links one country to another via PTCL’s vital submarine cable systems. PTCL is also able to provide the IPLC service via satellite to regions of the world unreachable by fiber optic cable systems.

Bandwidth Transit

Bandwidth Transit provides fast and reliable end-to-end connectivity between any two international destinations with Pakistan as a transit hub.

MPLS / International VPN

The international VPN service is one of the latest state of art IP connectivity based on Internet Protocol Virtual Private Networks (IP MPLS-VPN), which allows companies with locations spread out in PAKISTAN as well as international to connect and transfer data on a private and secure way over reliable robust network infrastructure.

This product is aimed for those requiring high security/bandwidth comparable to that provided by Private Leased Circuits as well as scalable connectivity to provide the future growth changes in size and volume of the customer business.

MPLS IP VPN will deliver a flexible, customizable, any-to-any network that lets customers to connect office headquarters, branches, distribution facilities, data centers and other locations, with ease. This converge all the existing business traffic, even latency-sensitive applications onto one network. The IP-MPLS VPN can reduce the costs and simplify operations, while ensuring to meet with the demands of today’s business environment.

PTCL is offering 2 flavors of VPN

  • Layer 2 MPLS /VPN
  • Layer 3 MPLS /VPN

Different Quality of service as per Customer Demand

  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

PTCL presenting globally through it is own node as well as partner connectivity.

List of Countries where both layer 2 & 3 VPN are offered:

Argentina Hong Kong Romania
Australia Hungary Russia
Austria India Saudi Arabia
Bahrain Indonesia Serbia
Belgium Italy Singapore
Brazil Japan Slovakia
Bulgaria Jordan South Africa
Canada Kenya South Korea
Chile Kuwait Spain
china Macau Sudan
Columbia Malaysia Sweden
Cyprus Mexico Switzerland
Czech Netherlands Taiwan
Denmark Nicaragua Thailand
Ecuador Nigeria Turkey
Egypt Norway Ukraine
El Salvador Oman United Arab Emirates
Finland Panama United kingdom
France Peru Uruguay
Germany Philippines USA
Greece Poland Venezuela
Guatemala Qatar Vietnam

List countries where only Layer 3 VPN is offered:

Angola Ghana New Zealand
Azerbaijan Guyana Papua New Guinea
Bangladesh Haiti Paraguay
Belize Ireland Portugal
Bolivia Jamaica Puerto Rico
Botswana Kazakhstan Samoa Islands
Cameroon Kyrgyzstan Solomon Islands
Cayman Islands Lebanon Sri Lanka
Costa Rica Luxembourg Suriname
Cote D’lvoire Mauritius Tajikistan
Croatia Mozambique Trinidad & Tobago
Dominican rep Namibia Turkmenistan
Ethiopia Nepal Turks & Caicos
Fiji New Caledonia Uganda
French Guiana    

IP Transit

In today’s extremely competitive transit marketplace, providers of Internet and content services require a differentiated upstream Internet service that will complement or improve upon their existing arrangements, delivering cost-effective, rapid access to global content, together with assured reliability. They also need the flexibility to be able to react quickly to changes in demand or expectations. PTIX IP Transit is a high-performance, Internet access service that satisfies each of these requirements.

IP Transit provides ISPs, DNOPs, LDIs, Corporate, Software Exporters and other organizations with a high-speed, high-quality connection to the Internet, through access to our entire BGP routing table. Internet content is delivered via our private, low latency and low packet loss fiber-optic and Multi-Protocol Label Switching over IP (MPLS/IP) network, which provides connectivity between key Internet and business markets across the country. The service is underpinned by extensive customer routes and peering connections with Major Upstream Providers.

Our IP network is connected to Tier-1 IP service providers around the globe via multiple submarine cables in East and West to guarantee 100% availability in the case of any Int’l Submarine cut.

PTCL network is extend globally and having presence in Europe in AMsIX, LINX and in East in Equinix in Singapore, PTCL also having content providers presenting in Pakistan in PIE, and over all of that strong private peering connectivity made with neighbor networks, all of that strength our IP Transit product.

We provide the following components as part of the standard IP Transit service:

  • Full access to the entire global Internet
  • A fully managed connection from any of our IP gateways or city nodes
  • A comprehensive SLA guaranteeing service delivery, availability, latency and packet delivery
  • 24x7x365 service management and technical customer support
  • Secure online performance reporting

Satellite and Radio Solutions

Providing a reliable, two-way communication link anywhere within satellite footprint, PTCL’s Global VSAT utilizes satellite based Single Channel Per Carrier (SCPC) technology, with data rates from 64Kbps to 34Mbps. It provides point to point dedicated connectivity via satellite from one customer’s premises to another. A very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) antenna and indoor unit is used at each customer’s premises.

PTCL also provides the low cost radio solutions for the terrain which is not apt for cable solutions especially mountain areas:

  • Cellular Backhaul
  • Video Transmission Service
  • Broadband VSAT Network
  • Managed End-To-End VSAT Service
  • Maritime (Inmarsat)
  • Radio Links (DRS)