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Pakistan Termination

Being an incumbent operator, PTCL is the provider of local loop and last mile for fixed network in Pakistan, assuring highest quality of voice termination in the country.

The established inter-operator arrangement with all the licensed operators within Pakistan ensures that PTCL is capable of terminating Pakistan’s mobile traffic with the highest quality and clarity as set by the Regulatory Authority.

Wholesale Services

PTCL provides termination to the carriers in the domestic as well as international market that has quite aggressive pricing especially for the Middle East region.

PTCL has direct connections with more than 110 carriers in 44 countries, both via TDM and VoIP. They are connected via submarine cables, land cables, satellites and microwave links.

Afghanistan Australia Bahrain Bangladesh
Belgium Brazil Canada China
Cyprus Egypt France Germany
Greece Hong Kong India Indonesia
Iran Italy Japan Kuwait
Lebanon Malaysia Nepal Netherland
Norway Oman Panama Philippine
Qatar Russia Saudi Arabia Singapore
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UAE U.K U.S.A Yemen


Premium services that provide a direct means of calling across the Globe. Service is available to all customers.

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)

All kinds of communications, voice, data, images and video can be transmitted using dial up ISDN line. Customers can access the Internet and make / receive phone calls or make phones calls and transmit / receive faxes simultaneously.

Home Country Direct

Enables Pakistani’s traveling abroad to call home using Calling Card or Prepaid Card.

International Toll Free Service and Universal International Free Number

Customers can choose the country coverage of their choice, allowing them to market their business globally.
Unique services because it encourages their customers to use the fixed line to call them often for orders and enquiries, as the calls made to them are free of cost.


This service enables our valued customer to make International Conference Calls across the globe.

International Roaming Services

PTCL is providing International Roaming Services for SCCP messages to Mobile Operators in Pakistan.

Calling Cards

PTCL provides calling card to the domestic market customers for international calling on competitive rates.