Charji & EVO

PTCL EVO uses 3G Wireless CDMA Rev.B technology to provide wireless broadband connectivity nationwide. PTCL Charji uses advanced LTE technology to provide wireless internet connectivity nationwide.

PTCL’s wireless internet ensures 24/7 connectivity and after sales support. Customized data & pricing plans empower customer to optimize data usage.


  • Fast download and upload speeds
  • Multiple device connectivity with Charji EVO Cloud (Connect up to 10 Devices Simultaneously over WiFi)
  • Seamless Charji Coverage in over 50 cities
  • 3G EVDO coverage in over 180 cities
  • Average speeds of 5-15 Mbps on downlink & 2-5 Mbps on uplink


  • Nationwide + AJK wireless internet availability
  • Flexible packages and customized solutions
  • Full vendor support and warranty coverage
  • 24/7 customer support
  • One window billing operation for clients using other PTCL corporate products/solutions