Managed Radio is a point-to-multipoint last mile wireless service (for enterprise customers only) based on the Time-Division Long-Term Evolution (TDD LTE) 4G telecommunications standard developed by the 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project).

PTCL’s Managed Radio (TDD LTE) Solution offers carrier level quality wireless services (VPN & Internet) at competitive prices.

Key Features:

  1. ✔VPN support
  2. ✔CIR bandwidth
  3. ✔Simultaneous application connectivity/traffic support (voice, video, Internet, data)
  4. ✔Licensed spectrum band
  5. ✔Managed Solution

Key Benefits:

  1. ✔Faster deployment, easy access
  2. ✔Alternate connectivity in case of non-availability/unreliability of traditional last mile media
  3. ✔Efficient centralized solution management
  4. ✔Empowers businesses with limited CAPEX and IT budgets to avail last mile wireless access across multiple locations
  5. ✔SLA is available

Value Addition:

PTCL’s Managed Solution takes complete responsibility, from deployment to after sales support. This leaves customer free to focus on their core business. Our reliable & predictable service levels ensure that your business runs smoothly.

High Level Diagram: