Managed Surveillance

PTCL, a market leader in telecom network services presents IP video monitoring solution to its subscribers on a large scale. It would allow customers to easily deploy network video monitoring in their offices, stores or factories. Live or recorded video can be scrutinized on standard PCs/Mobile from anywhere over the internet.

These days, it has become imperative for shopping centers, public transportation, banks, schools and other various offices to install video surveillance.

PTCL’s IP Video surveillance solution, provides virtually unlimited number of video surveillance cameras which can be deployed anywhere in Pakistan without any difficulty. Managed surveillance is a cost-effective IP video surveillance solution in both developed as well as in remote areas.


  • Live viewing of the site
  • Remote recording on cloud with local SC card as backup
  • Static Frame fencing
  • Camera dis-connectivity alerts
  • On the Go web access
  • Monitoring room setup and turn-key solutions
  • Local & cloud playback option
  • Power backup for all devices
  • Off and on site support
  • Centralized or distributed architecture
  • Video analytics
  • Integration with alarm systems


  • Crime prevention
  • Helps post event investigations
  • Intelligent plan and the right technology
  • Faster emergency response
  • Ease of operation
  • Proactive monitoring

High Level Diagram