Audio Conferencing

The audio conferencing service allows users from multiple locations across the world or nationwide to join a single conference and collaborate at the same time. The audio conferencing service is ideal for company meetings, project reviews, sales, software trainings, interviews, press or investor conferences and lectures.

This service is ideal for companies and institutions with offices and participants in multiple locations requiring regular interaction. Audio Conferencing helps in saving time and money by eliminating the need of travel. This state of art service allows instant and unplanned conferences required for critical business decisions.


  • A maximum of 120 callers per single audio conference with recording facility.
  • Ability to send emails and SMS notifications to inform participants about meetings.
  • Immediate Conference initiation through the web or while on the move.
  • The system supports online reporting: generate detailed reports.
  • The system supports managing multiple conferences by a single initiator and a different chairman.


  • Cut down business expense: It’s more expensive to conduct meetings in person. In comparison, phone conferencing is accessible worldwide and will help in cutting down major costs, enabling conference to large groups.
  • Basic Telephone System: Audio conference system requires basic PTCL landlines to enable the conference services.
  • Independent of geographical location: Customer can make conference from anywhere/anytime enabling the conference code on PTCL landline.

High Level Diagram: