PTCL Enterprise DSL

PTCL Enterprise DSL is bundled product where non committed Information Rate (CIR) DSL is provided to customer with static IP address assigned to Customer Premises Equipment (CPE). As static IP is being provided to the customer, small businesses can start their own network by installing personal servers.

Key Features: 

  1. ✔Free Static IP
  2. ✔Faster speed
  3. ✔Always on, always connected
  4. ✔Can come with EVO Backup for enhanced media availability with auto switchover
  5. ✔Wi-Fi Access

Key Benefits: 

  1. ✔Flexible, remote offices can be setup quickly
  2. ✔Cost effective

Value addition:

As a market leader we understand the challenges and opportunities of all the different segments and by leveraging our considerable assets we are in a very strong position to provide mission-critical solutions to our Customer at very economical prices on copper & fiber with dedicated KAM & after sale support portal.