PTCL cares about you and your family's health. Together with Waada, we're offering special health insurance that covers your hospitalization charges, designed to fit different needs easily.The product is underwritten by Habib Insurance company Limited, an Insurance company in Pakistan

Benefits of buying insurance from PTCL Partner

Insurance Price Plan:

Exclusive Offer for Broadband Users 50Mbps & Above: FREE Health Insurance Coverage!

For broadband users with packages 50Mbps and above this platinum insurance bundle is absolutely FREE!  

 Broadband users with packages below 50Mbps

Customers with packages below 50Mbps can opt-in by paying an additional fee, conveniently included in their monthly bill and facilitated through PTCL payment gateways. 

Subscription Process 

Reach us by calling 1218 to speak with an agent or submit your request online.


Note: Waada will be facilitating the claims as per the coverage plans

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