PTCL Cloud Play


With cloud gaming gaining momentum all over the globe, PTCL is introducing industry’s first service that will allow customers to play games online on the cloud, using any device, anytime and anywhere , taking the subscribers on fun-filled and entertaining adventures.

This service is targeted at young subscribers, professionals, and amateur gamers. PTCL Cloud Play has the following features;

  • 300+ game titles
  • Full HD game playing/streaming with 60 fps quality
  • Low bandwidth requirement (5 Mbps or above)
  • Low latency
  • Playable on all major platform devices like Windows (PC), Android, iOS, Mac OS
  • Easy billing via PTCL connection bill


The monthly charges of this service are Rs. 599/month. This is all for the Gamers out there who want to be able to play games online and socialize, but do not always have the right resources. This super pocket friendly service is for you.