HSE & Sustainability

HSE & Sustainability 

HSE & Sustainability Vision 

Cultivating a culture where HSE and Sustainability is construed as non-negotiable standard to conduct business and where employees at all levels of the organization take safety as first and foremost priority & concern in their day to day operations and remain accountable for their unsafe actions. 

HSE Management System 

HSE and wellbeing of all employees, outsourced service providers (OSP) and their staff, contractors, visitors, communities and the Environment we operate in, is at the heart of everything we do. We have developed a robust HSE & Sustainability management system which is based on the requirements of OH&SMS, EMS standards, Sustainable Development Goals SDG 2030 and all applicable legal and industry requirements. At the core of HSE & Sustainability management system is our HSE policy which is consistent and coherent with E&. Group policy which is our parent company. The policy exemplifies the group’s commitment to providing a safe, healthy, and environmentally sustainable & responsible workplace through implementation and continual improvement of our HSE management system and programs. We make sure to prevent accidents, incidents and environmental impacts by proactively identifying and managing potential hazards, impacts and risks. The testament to PTCL group’s focus on HSE & Sustainability is a fact that HSE Steering Committee comprising CXOs has been developed to track HSE performance of the organization, providing leadership, resources and to reinforce the culture of safety across the organization. As part of our capacity building drive, we engage employees in different learning programs covering different safety topics throughout the year to enhance their level of awareness about the safety in the organization. Additionally, we promote a culture of reporting and inclusion and encourage employees to report HSE incidents through our easy to access and purpose-built digital portals and WhatsApp hotline, put-together. Our unwavering commitment to HSE is bearing the results for us and our HSE performance indicators are improving over the years. 


PTCL group has always been a frontrunner in adopting and promoting sustainable practices. We commit to take initiatives to conserve natural resources, prevent pollution, reduce carbon footprint, protecting biodiversity and promoting efforts to combat climate change in line with the relevant sustainable development goals (SDGs) 2030. We have already taken manifold initiatives that foster sustainability in our operations such as introduction of Green Day for employees, use of renewable energy sources i.e. solar powered buildings and sites, diversity and inclusion and massive tree plantation initiatives. 

We are steadfast about our commitment to HSE and Sustainability and our focus will reach new heights in a years to come.


Sustainability Report 2020

HSE Policy 2023

Sustainability Policy 2024