Licenses Issued to The Company by The Relevant Authority

Below is the list of licenses which issued to PTCL:

Sr.No. License Issuing Authority


Main License No. PTA/ M (T)-014/A, to Establish Maintain Operate and Provide Telecommunication Systems & Services
Dated 15 April 1997 for 25 years and modified on 13th June 2005
Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA)
2 WLL Spectrum for 20 years – Part of main license. Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA)
3 License No.10-8(2)/IPTV-2017,  to Establish and Operate IPTV Distribution services
Dated 28 July, 2017 for 10 years subject to payment of annual license fee
Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA)
4 Three Licenses for Local Loop:
Dated 28th may 2008 for 20 years
Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA)
5 LDI license No. LDI-LDI (AJK&NA)-03-2008
Dated 28th May 2008 for 20 years 
Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA)