Extend your Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi signals are prone to interference from other appliances and devices present in the house which can impact the quality of Wi-Fi signals. You can have a better experience as we recommend optimum placement of your Wi-Fi router through the below guide:

Wi-Fi Signals and Router Placing Guidelines

Please follow below guidelines while placing the Wi-Fi router in your home/office.

  1. Place the Wi-Fi router in a central location from where signal can reach all areas of your home/office.
  2. Wi-Fi router should be placed away from other electronics that emit waves. For example near your TV screens, ovens and other such equipment. If placed near such equipment, it will affect result for your router and also your TV screens and remotes.
  3. Place the router in an open space and away from windows. Do not cover router by placing it inside a cupboard or under any shelf. Covering your router will hamper Wi-Fi signal range.
  4. Keep your router and other related equipment dry. In case moisture is present, it can impact and damage your router.

In case you are unable to receive signals throughout your home or office even after following above guidelines, we would recommend you to use a Wi-Fi extender for your location. This will boost the signal range and will cover up any spaces where signal strength is weak. These extenders are provided by our partners to you on a discounted rate.

To know more about the Wi-Fi extnders please click below. For further assistance, please call 1218 or email us at care@ptcl.net.pk.