PTCL Fast Path for Online Gamers

PTCL Fast Path for Online Gamers

 Brace yourself for an enhanced online gaming experience with PTCL Fast Path 

PTCL broadband customers who are avid online gamers may now switch to 'Fast Path' conveniently through the PTCL website or by dialing 1218.This feature helps reduce latency which is essential to achieve a lag-free and thus superior gaming experience. Enjoy playing your favorite video games with no interruptions with Fast Path PTCL service. Are you an online gamer? PTCL brings to you 'Fast Path', which is an amazing free feature specially made for online gamers as it helps in lowering down the latency during playing so that you can get a smooth, lag-free online gaming experience. 

Customers can now opt for 'Fast Path' simply by signing in to their account on the PTCL website and selecting 'Change Latency Type' from the left to switch on 'Fast Path'. Once toggled, the feature is activated within 24 hours (subject to line quality).

Free Service: As this is a free service, customers can opt for 'Fast Path' without any charges.The process to switch on 'Fast Path' through the website:

1. Visit the PTCL website

2. Sign in through your registered account. (If you do not have an account, you are required to register your account and add your subscribed PTCL products, i.e., landline, internet, etc.)

3. Under 'My Account Services' on the left, please select 'Change latency type'.

4. On the next window, please select 'Change latency' and then select 'Fast' from the drop-down menu. Read the disclaimer and select confirm if you wish to proceed.

5. The service will be activated within 24 hours.

Please follow the same above process to switch back from fast-mode if you experience any stability issues with your internet connection.