Security & ICT Portfolio

Security & ICT Portfolio

PTCL Becomes the country’s Only Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP)

“Be prepared to tackle every evolving Cyber threat Landscape with PTCL”

Businesses needs are evolving by minutes, so are we-- Each day at PTCL we work hard to keep ahead of technology trends to develop solutions and services that bring true value to our customers. We truly believe that providing quality-integrated solutions is what sets us apart from the competition. From the best in connectivity solutions, to unmatched data center & cloud services and innovative ICT solutions, PTCL offers it all under one window.

PTCL MSSP—Your Security Arm against the ever changing threat landscape

Organizations today are interacting more than ever with their customers, employees and partners through websites and applications. While this increased digital presence opens up new growth avenues for the organizations on one hand; it also opens up a world of opportunities for the cyber hacking groups. Understanding this growing concern, PTCL has introduced a range of security solutions to help you minimize the impact of such attacks on your business and maximize business productivity.

Designed to improve your security posture and help you stay prepared to tackle the changing cyber threats landscape; PTCL as your Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) provides outsourced monitoring & management of security devices and systems. With MSSP, we take the burden of handling security needs off your shoulders so you can focus on innovation. Common service under this portfolio include

  • ✔ Managed Firewalls
    ✔ Managed unified threat management (UTM)
    ✔ Intrusion detection & Prevention
    ✔ Multi-factor Authentication
    ✔ End Point Security
    ✔ Secure DNS
    ✔ Anti-DDOS
    ✔ Virtual Private networks
    ✔ Vulnerability Scanning
    ✔ Compromise assessments
    ✔ Anti-virus services

 Security Framework for Enterprises

PTCL Cyber Threat Intelligence

PTCL Cyber threat services helps to detect, mitigate & respond continuously against cyber threats that could represent a high impact on business. In-house innovations are combined with strategic partnerships to deliver a complete managed information security offer.

Key Features of PTCL Cyber Threat Intelligence
Cyber threat Intelligence service covers below service modules:

  • ✔ Brand & Reputation
  • ✔ Business Disruption
  • ✔ Online Fraud

Key Benefits of PTCL Cyber Threat Intelligence

  • ✔ Loss minimization regarding cybercrime impact
  • ✔ Full control regarding the Company’s digital exposure
  • ✔Improvement in business continuity and resilience
  • ✔ Global vision, empowering decision-making process
  • ✔ Information centralization through a single point of access

Value Addition for Customer
It allows customers to achieve business-critical security objectives while keeping operating costs predictable and helping busy IT teams stay ahead of security issues.