Wi-Fi Router Placement Guide

The purpose of this guide is to provide you with tips & tricks for Wi-Fi router placement within your home, so you may receive an optimal connectivity.

  • Central location: Place the Wi-Fi router in the middle of your home.
  • Don’t place the Wi-Fi router on the floor: Try to place the router at a height (on top of a shelf, table or mantelpiece)
  • Router should not be placed in a trolley/cupboard/underneath stairs: Do not place the router where Wi-Fi signals will be obstructed.
  • Don’t place the router next to a window: Doing so will cause Wi-Fi signals to travel outside.
  • Keep router away from other electronics: Do not place the router near microwaves, refrigerators or cordless phones. Furthermore, the router should not be placed in a kitchen or areas with metallic surfaces as this will impact the quality of the Wi-Fi signal in your home.
  • Avoid thick walls: Do not place the router next to a thick wall. Concrete and bricks tend to absorb Wi-Fi signal instead of reflecting.

Followed the tips & tricks above but still facing problems? This may be due to the large size of your house or obstructions which are preventing full reach of the Wi-Fi signals.

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