Our Vision, Mission and Values

Vision Statement
To Become Largest Technology Player and National Champion to support Digital Transformation of Pakistan.

To Become #1 Telecom Operator of Pakistan 

Culture Statement
We Strive to Win and Never Accept Defeat.

Corporate Values

We embrace challenges, bounce back stronger and never give up..

We unleash the power of our imagination to shape our business and ignite inspiration.

We are obsessed with the idea of winning and take actions to overcome failure.

We believe people are at the heart of our success and we recognize their individual and collective efforts. 

PTCL Group Anthem

PTCL Group Anthem - Click here

Quality Policy

To continuously strive for the best Quality in ICT Services. This will include the commitment for:

  • Achieving and exceeding customer satisfaction
  • Complying with all the legal, regulatory and other applicable requirements
  • Facilitating a conducive, safe and ethical working environment
  • Ensuring the right quality of products and services from PTCL vendors
  • Setting quality objectives, measuring results and continually improving Quality of Services 

Information Security Policy 

To continuously strive for the best quality and secured ICT services. This commitment includes but not limited to the following aspects to provide a high-level direction for the network and information security across PTCL Group:  

  • All employees, contractors, trainees, consultants, third party service providers and vendors shares the commitment to the provision of appropriate levels of security and continuity across all functions that hold corporate and customer information.  
  • All employees, contractors, trainees, consultants, third party service providers and vendors shares the obligation to protect information, assure customer privacy, and remain vigilant in preventing unauthorized or fraudulent activity.  
  • PTCL Group shall develop, implement and improve information security framework, policies to enforce and monitor compliance to best global security controls, practices, regulatory and other applicable requirements.  
  • PTCL Group management shall demonstrate the due commitment to enable required resources for establishing information security objectives in line with policy and continual improvement of information security management system.  
  • The requirements of the IT and Technical Security policy and associated current and upcoming Security policies/standards are mandatory across all functions to ensure company complies with international best practices and to promote a robust security conscious culture.