VAS Bundle

Get all the features you need in one package!

 With our new Value Added Services Bundle, you can get the following features:

  • Call Back on Busy
  • Caller Line Identification (CLI)
  • Conference Call
  • Abbreviated Dialing
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Wake Up
  • Incoming Only
  • Call Transfer / Forwarding
  • Call Waiting
  • Code Barring
  • Bill Alert
  • Time Check


VAS Bundle is available for Rs.55/- per month. Terms and Taxes will apply. For further details, click here

Call Back on Busy (CBOB)
Call Back On Busy (CBOB) Value Added Service allows you to connect to a busy number as soon as it is available.

Now you don’t need to call the number multiple times that is constantly busy. When the busy number will be available, the caller’s landline will start ringing and the caller will pick up the call which was previously busy and you will be connected.

To subscribe to this service, please call 1218.


  1. Caller dials any number, and if the dialed number (recipient’s number) is busy, instead of disconnecting, the caller will give a quick disconnection preferably using the Flash button or tapping the phone cradle (if Flash button unavailable)
  2. A beep tone will be heard. Caller will dial *59#
  3. IVR will inform caller that CBOB has been activated
  4. Disconnect the call
  5. When dialed number gets free, call will automatically connect
    1. Caller will get a ring on their phone. Once caller answers the phone, instead of redialing the recipient’s number, it will be dialed automatically

Caller Line Identification (CLI)

Now you can avoid prank and spam calls, by knowing a caller’s number through PTCL CLI service.

Conference Call

Why make two separate calls when you can merge both into a conference call. With PTCL’s Conference Call Service, you can get unlimited automated conference calls which are available 24/7 and you won’t have to reschedule.

How to set up a Conference Call:

  • Make the first call
  • Press the Flash Button and dial the second number
  • Once the second call is connected, press the Flash button and the “3” button.

Note: You can press cradle if you don’t have the Flash button on your telephone set.

Abbreviated Dialing

Isn’t it easier to remember short codes instead of numbers with prefixes? Now you can register up to 10 numbers to be associated with a single digit number. Simply dial that digit to get the desired number.

Activation code: *51*Key Digit*num# e.g. *51*1*0212254155#
Deactivation code: #51#


To activate, please call 1218.


Do Not Disturb

Through PTCL's 'Do Not Disturb' service, you can stop all incoming calls for a certain time. During that time, callers will get a pre-recorded message.

Activation code: *26#
Deactivation code: #26#

To activate, please call 1218.

Wake Up

With PTCL 'Wake Up' sevice, you can now setup your telephone to ring at a fixed time as an alarm.

Activation Code: *55*hrs mins#
Deactivation Code: *55*


To activate, please call 1218.

Call Transfer & Forwarding

Through Call Transfer and Forwarding, you can forward your calls to another predefined number. You can do this through three ways: no reply, busy, and immediate call forwarding.

  1. No Reply

When you are unable to pick up the call, use this service to automatically transfer the call to another predefined number.

Activation code is *06*complete-num# e.g. *06*0212254155#
Deactivation code is #06#.

  1. On Busy

If you are too busy to answer the phone; the incoming call will be transferred automatically to another predefined number.

Activation code is *09*complete-num# e.g. *09*0212254155#
De-activation code is #09#.

  1. Call Forwarding Immediate

All incoming calls will be transferred to another predefined number.

Activation code is *21*complete-num# e.g. *21*0212254155# and
Deactivation code is #21#.


To activate, please call 1218.


Call Waiting

You can put a call on hold when busy with another call with PTCL’s Call Waiting.

Activation code: *43#
Deactivation code: #43#


To activate, please call 1218.


Code Barring

Do you want to prevent any misuse of your telephone? Activate PTCL Code Barring, a code known only to you which can also be changed by you only.

To activate, please call 1218.

Bill Alert

Get notified of your upcoming bill. To activate, please call 1218.


Time Check

You can check Pakistan Standard Time by dialing 1214.