EVO PSTN bundle Offer (FAQs)

Q. What if customer avails Charji Cloud and disconnects his PSTN services before completion of instalment period? Will he keep the device by paying remaining amount to use that independently?

Ans: Customer will be required to pay entire disconnection charges amounting to the remaining instalments. The customers can retain the device after paying the charges and use the device with any other PTCL commercial EVO Package.

Q. If customer is a power pack user; will he be able to avail this offer?

Ans: Customers who have received EVO-DSL , Wingle-DSL or Power pack will need to close their existing device before opting for this offer.

Q. If customer is separately using EVO (not associated with PSTN), will he be able to purchase an additional device under this offer on instalments?

Ans: Yes.

Q. If customer disconnects service before instalment period but pays the disconnection charges; will he still need to return the device?

Ans: He may retain the device and use on commercial package in that case.

Q. What if device is lost or stolen, Will the customer get another device in replacement ?

Ans: The customers will be required to pay standard upfront device charges but may still use the EVO-PSTN Package.

Q. EVO PSTN offer’s Packages are inclusive of TAX or Exclusive of TAX?

Ans: Inclusive of WHT.

Q. Can Customer Change Package of EVO Devices availed in EVO PSTN offer?

Ans: Until the instalment period has lapsed the subscriber availing the EVO PSTN offer cannot upgrade their package onto commercial offerings.

Q. Who is eligible for the offer?

Ans: PTCL PSTN subscribers who possess an ‘active’ PSTN number and have been a customer since at least 6 months.

Q. If I have outstanding dues against My PSTN number can I Subscribe this Offer?

Ans: You will need to clear your outstanding dues before opting for the offer.