Smart Video

Today’s competitive business market demands solutions that provide enterprise level availability and support. Most organizations are moving toward video conferencing to realize better business value. The biggest hurdle faced in the adoption of video conferencing is a wide array of expensive hardware endpoints that are difficult to interoperate, manage and maintain.

PTCL collaborates with Polycom to present PTCL Smart Video for its Corporate and SME customers. PTCL Smart Video provides enterprise class video conferencing architecture to enable you to make high definition video calls from your PC, tablet or smartphone without the need for additional dedicated hardware. It is a flexible and easy to use solution for instantly connecting mobile workforce, partners, vendors and clients from across the globe.


  • ✔ Host or join meetings anywhere at any time.
  • ✔ No video infrastructure to manage or own.
  • ✔ HD quality just @512 Kbps.
  • ✔ Seamless integration with H.323, SIP & TIP based systems.
  • ✔ Highly available solution hosted in PTCL Tier 3 Data Centers.
  • ✔ Reservation less Virtual Meeting Rooms.
  • ✔ Pay as you grow model with attractive pricing packages.
  • ✔ Highly secure real time meetings over MPLS network.
  • ✔ Fully managed services with 24×7×365 support.
  • ✔ Go green by reducing electricity consumption and carbon emissions. 

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