Managed Services

PTCL’s Managed Network Services is a comprehensive corporate solution that is aimed at satisfying the essential needs of Telephony/Voice, Data and Security Needs.

PTCL is the only unified service provider in Pakistan able to serve all the customer segments including consumers, enterprises and carriers with a comprehensive portfolio of products including fiber optic connectivity, IP-MPLS, DXX, DSL and Wireless VPN over WLL and satellite etc.

PTCL’s managed co-location facilities support business continuity needs of carrier customers with a secure environment, and provides dedicated space for equipment. This managed co-location service is intended to free up customer’s valuable resources so that the customer can focus on critical core business needs.

PTCL’s Managed Service allows you to simplify the process of design, installation, and management of your network. In order to provide managed WAN, our solution includes network designing, hardware, software, support and end-to-end network connectivity– all delivered and managed by our world-class technical team and partners.

PTCL’s Managed Services provides the highest level of performance, reliability and stability through comprehensive Service Level Agreements (SLA) along with remote monitoring, management and reporting through the Network Operations Centre (NOC) including 24x7 on-site support. 


  • Hardware
    • ✔ POE Switches, Routers, Firewalls, VOIP Gateways and IP Phones etc
    • ✔ Private locked cabinet Racks and Secure Cages options
    • ✔ Facility supplied by dual power feeds
    • ✔ Redundant cooling
    • ✔ On-Site Technical Support
    • ✔ On-Site Physical Plant Maintenance Personnel
    • ✔ Video surveillance including on and off-site storage for 30+ days
    • ✔ Uninterruptible power source
    • ✔ Backup generators
    • ✔ Timely delivery of interconnection services
  • Managed Services consultation & implementation (voice, data, security)
    • ✔ Configuration, Provisioning and Installation of Equipment
    • ✔ Managed Voice, Managed Security including monitoring & reporting
    • ✔ After Sales Support including troubleshooting
    • ✔ 24x7x365 support and security
  • Connectivity Services (VPN/Internet)
    • ✔ DSL
    • ✔ IP-MPLS
    • ✔ DXX
    • ✔ CDMA/ EVDO
    • ✔ DRS Point to Point & Multipoint
    • ✔ Satellite
    • ✔ VSAT
    • ✔ NG-SDH


  • ✔ Single Point of Contact
  • ✔ Guaranteed Uptime and QOS
  • ✔ Ethernet Handoff
  • ✔ Improved IS Performance
  • ✔ Optimal Network Reliability
  • ✔ 24x7 Support

How to Buy

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