FAQs- Voice Mail Service with Remote Login Feature

Q1. What is VMS?
A. Voice Mail Service is a voice messaging system that allows customers to automatically send unanswered calls to a voice messaging mailbox for the recording of messages by callers.

Q2. What is Remote Login Feature?
It is an additional feature of VMS which allows a VMS subscriber to check his/her deposited messages from anywhere he/she wants (landline only).

Q3. How can I acquire Voice Mail Service with remote login feature?
By calling PTCL helpline 1218, you can subscribe for this service if not already installed or by visiting nearest OSS and can avail any Package of VMS.

Q4. How can I deactivate this Voice Mail Service?
By calling PTCL helpline 1218, you can deactivate VMS or by visiting nearest OSS. 

Q5. Can I secure/set password for remote login feature.
A. Yes, you can set your own desired password and can also change it by simply dialing 1277 IVR.

Q6. For how long my messages will be stored in mail box and after how many days Msg will be erased automatically?

Package Name

Auto delete of messages

Msg length

Msg storage




VMS Basic

10 days

Not deleted

7 days

30 sec

30 Msgs

VMS Advance

12 days

Not deleted

10 days

60 sec

50 Msgs

VMS Premium

15 days

Not deleted

12 days

60 sec

100 Msgs

Q7. Can I delete message on my phone without listening? Will I be charged?
Yes you may delete, you will not be charged.

Q8. How would I be notified of new messages. 
A. Upon each voice message recorded or Fax message, system will use the following notification method to inform the customer about the newly deposited message:

  • Out dial notification
  • Short messaging service (SMS)
  • Email

Q9. Can I retrieve messages from other phones and cities? How?
A. Yes.
You can retrieve your messages from anywhere locally or internationally just by dialing 1277 code from your phone set./Mobile.

Q10. How much I will be charged if I retrieve from other cities?
. Message retrieval is free of charge at the moment.

Q11. What about secrecy of Voice Mail Service mail box?
Special password/Pin no will be allotted to customer for each mail box.

Q12. How much I will be charged for retrieving my message?
Message retrieval is free of charge at the moment in VMS.

Q13. What are the charges of recording a voice message?

Q14. If a Caller chooses to disconnect the call after listening to greetings, will he be charged? Will he be charged also if he does not record his message after the prompt tone?
Yes, because technical systems take that as completed call.

Q15. Where the customer should lodge complaint regarding VMS problems?
The complaints will be lodged on PTCL helpline 1218.

Q16. Do I have to go to a customer call centre to register a complaint?
You do not need to go anywhere to lodge your complaint. You can call PTCL’s Contact Center 24 hours a day and seven days a week at 1218 and can register your complaint.

Q17. Do I need any special equipment to use this service?

Q18. How many callers can dial my mail box at the same time?
Only one can call your mailbox at any given time. 

Q19. How to change personal/Special greetings?
A.1. Access your mailbox by dialing 1277

2. Press 2 to change your Personal Options.
3. Greetings menu, press 1.

Q20. How to change Mail box password?
A. 1 Access your mailbox by dialing 1277

2. Press 2 to change your Personal Options.
3 .Password menu, press 2. 

Q21 How many personal greetings can I store in my voicemail?
Only one.

Q22. Can I download a greeting that someone else is using?

Q23. It sometimes takes the system a long time to play my first new message. How can I prevent this?
You can prevent system delays by deleting unnecessary messages from your mailbox.

Q24. Do I have to listen to all the options before I make my selection from a menu?
A. No
. You can press an option key at any time; you do not have to wait for the system to announce the entire menu options.

Q25. In which cities the voice messaging service is available?
All across Pakistan. 

Q26. What is the website of PTCL email address?

Q27. Is it necessary to input the PTCL given Email address?

Yes. However, you can redirect that email ID to any other email address by following below mentioned steps:

✔ Select Option,
✔ Select Mail,
✔ Select Auto-Forward.
✔ Input email address.

Q28. Are there any charges of fax or voice message other than the monthly charges?
A. No, you will not be charges for receiving a fax/voice message, only the monthly charges will apply.

Q29. Who can avail Cricket Info Service?

A. All existing and new PTCL customers (Landline or WLL), who are cricket fans or their updates are affected by electricity load shedding.

Q30 . How do I access this service? What are the service charges?

A. You just have to dial 1216 and listen to the live commentary of ongoing match. The service would be charged Rs. 1+tax/ minute.

Q31. I am unable to access the service?

A. Call 1218 helpline and register a complaint.

Q32. Will I be charged for cricket info service in case there is no live match available?

A. Yes.

Q33. What is PTCL Islamic Service?

Ans: PTCL Islamic Service is a 24 hours available service which can be availed by dialing 1324 from any PTCL landline and V-Fone. This Service offers:

  • ✔ Sehr and Aftaar timings
  • ✔ Quran Recitation with Urdu translation
  • ✔ Live Taravi from Khana Kaaba in Ramadan
  • ✔ Fazayl-e-Ramadan
  • ✔ Islamic Lectures
  • ✔ Humd-o-Naat
  • ✔ Arabic Dua’s (Ramadan Dua’s etc.)
  • ✔ Allah Almighty’s Names
  • ✔ Muhammad SAW Names

Q34. Who can avail PTCL Islamic Service? 
All existing and new PTCL customers (Landline or VFone), who are keen to listen to the wide range of Islamic content available. 

Q35. What are the service charges?
The service would be charged Rs 2+tax/ minute.

Q36. How do I access this service?
You just have to dial 1324 and listen to the list of nine categories through a menu. No prior subscription is required.

Q37. I am unable to access the service through my landline or V-Fone?
Call 1218 for landline or call 1015 for V-Fone helpline and register a complaint.

Q38. Will the service be available after Ramadan and will I be charged for Islamic Service then? 
 Yes. The service will be available after Ramadan with some content modification and it will be charged with the same tariff.

Q39. How do I make a Conference Call?

Ans: Make first Call, then press the Flash Button and dial second number, when second call is connected press Flash again by following the digit 3. This will put the three people together.

Note: You can use/press cradle if you don’t have flash button on telephone set.

Q40. What is Conference Call?

Ans: Conference calling is simply a phone call in which three parties can converse over the phone at the same time and it doesn't matter where any of the parties are located at the time. It can be anywhere in the world. PTCL Conference Call service provides instant unlimited automated conferencing calls that take place on regular telephone. These conference call services are available 24/7 with no scheduling.

Q41. How do I subscribe to Conference Call?

Ans: You can subscribe by calling 1218 or by visiting PTCL Shop.

Q42. Can I make a nationwide Conference Call?

Ans: Yes, you can make a conference call to talk with anyone located anywhere in Pakistan.

Q43. How many people can conference with each other in a single call?

Ans: At maximum three people can talk with each other in a single call.

Q44. My friend and I have subscribed for conference call service, can we make a chain conference call of more than 3 people?

Ans: No. that is not possible using PTCL conference call service.