Voice Mail Service

Voice Mail Service

PTCL's Voice Mail Service is a comprehensive automated service that enable the callers to create voice/Fax messages with much more ease. Now PTCL is offering Fax-to-email, Voice-to-email, Kehdo SMS and Missed call alert service under VMS with remote access.

Voice Mail Service works across Pakistan at all times - even when there is a power outage and your answering machine stops working. Your voice mailbox can be accessed 24 hour a day, 7 days a week. You may never miss important calls again! Now you can take messages even when you're away from your home.

When you do not pick/answer your phone after a pre-selected number of ringers, the call is automatically forwarded to VMS. Therefore, you are not disturbed even if you are busy at home. You can leave messages or retrieve messages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by dialing 1277. The messages can be retrieved whenever you like to do so and from anywhere you want.

Your mailbox is maintained on PTCL’s network. Your callers can now leave voice /Fax messages even if there was a thunderstorm and your electricity and phones were out.


  • ✔ Depositing of Voice Message: After several beeps, a caller can listen to an IVR and can deposit voice message.
  • ✔ Retrieval of Voice Message: A subscriber can retrieve his/her voice message by dialing 1277 short access code.
  • ✔ Notification of Voice/Fax Message: Upon each voice message recorded or for fax message, the system will use out dial notification, SMS and email to inform the customer about the newly deposited message.
  • ✔ Fax to email: Subscribers can access there incoming fax on their E-mail address, no need to have a fax machine.
  • ✔ Voice to email: Subscribers can access their Voice message on their E-mail address.
  • ✔ Remote login: You can access 1277 IVR from Landline just by given login information.
  • ✔ Missed Call Alert Service: With these enhanced features, customers won’t be able to miss any call while they are away from their work place.
  • ✔ Kahdo SMS (1246 Access code): All the Landline subscribers can send the Voice messages to On net/Off net users


  • ✔ In business and high-value relationships requiring immediate attention and follow-up, the personal touch of the human voice is an indispensable tool
  • ✔ It works during power outages


The service is available across Pakistan

How to Use

The voice mail subscriber can listen to their voice mails by dialing 1277 IVR (locally or remotely) through V-Fone or PTCL landline. Alternatively, the system can notify him/her through dial notifications, SMS or email service (in case of Fax-to-email or Voice-to-email Service). By accessing email the voice mail subscriber can get their Fax and voice messages in the form of an image or Wav file attachment in their inbox.