Wireless Payphone

Behtar Aamdani, Behtareen Rabta----VPCO

VPCO is a feature-rich, easy to manage and hassle-free compact prepaid wireless PCO solution, by Vfone--the largest wireless service provider in the country. VPCO provides an all in one PCO solution with minimum investments.

Gone are the times when setting up a PCO was thought to be a long and costly procedure. With VPCO, all you need to start your business is a wireless VPCO that you can carry anywhere with ease. Now PCO operators can buy only one instrument which has the phone, display, billing features, billing capability and the wireless set, all built into it, which aids to save the hassle of buying and maintaining various pieces.

Moreover, the V wireless desktop PCO comes with 1580 units. - built in free talk time, which the customer can recover in the initial investment. PTCL, VPCO is a wireless phone service based on CDMA 2001x technology. The set is a Fixed Wireless Phone with a display for convenient monitoring of calls being made. The FWP offers both indoor as well as outdoor antenna options suiting exact location needs.

PTCL wireless service gives voice quality of a landline with country-wide coverage. Connections are widely available throughout the country. The recharge cards for VPCO have been designed keeping in mind both high usage and low usage PCOs, with recharge options starting from Rs 100 up to Rs 1000.

Why Should I Choose VPCO?

  • High returns on low investment
  • Employing state of the art CDMA 2001x technology
  • Wire free, Hassle free
  • Crystal clear voice quality
  • Ease of mobility
  • A wide range of recharge options suited to individual needs
  • Call charge and balance display functions
  • Country-wide Reach
  • Pre-loaded balance worth units 1580
  • Incoming facility
  • ISD facility

·       Card Loading


Card Loading Options

  • Vfone Pre-paid cards are available at Vfone Sales & Service Centers, PTCL Customer  Service Centers or PTCL exchanges and retail shops, in four denominations
  •  For your Convenience V have a variety of denominations for You to choose from….

Card Denominations


Incoming Validity

Temporary Out of Service

Today Days


30 Days

45 Days

540 Days

615 Days


60 Days

45 Days

540 Days

645 Days


90 Days

45 Days

540 Days

675 Days


120 Days

45 Days

540 Days

705 Days

Rs. 2,000

180 Days

45 Days

540 Days

765 Days


·       Vfone Value Added Service


Identify your caller with the caller line identification free of cost. Name/Number shall be displayed on your V PTCL wireless phone screen.

Wireless Internet
You can use your Vfone to connect to the internet and enjoy a world of information and entertainment at rate as low as Rs.2.50/15min.

Connect to your loved ones through SMS with your Vfone connection. Vfone lets you send and receive SMS to and from all cellular networks, Vfone and PTCL  landlines, at just 35 Paisa /SMS.

Call Forwarding
A customer with this facility can transfer his/her calls to another predefined desired number. Calls can be transferred immediately, on Busy tone or on No Reply.

Kehdo SMS (voice sms)
Adding voice to the SMS takes SMS to the next generation of value. Imagine you are driving your car or rushing down the street to an appointment, and you receive a text message that requires an urgent response or imagine trying to type a response while holding onto the wheel of the car or at some point you want to share your real expression with anybody which couldn’t have done through textual message.

PTCL being the largest telecom operator has been offering numerous services on its land line connections, to further facilitate its valued customer, PTCL has now decided to launch KEHDO SMS service as a value added service which will further strengthen its standard land line service and hence will ensure its commitment to its subscribers for better service.
Subscribers can use this service for sharing emotions and to give important messages to others using their standard telephone landline, besides it doesn’t need any activation, user just have to dial a code followed by a recipient telephone number (with area/access code) after that system will prompt different options for the user.

Your land line is not giving the quality voice only rather it is giving the innovative services and features as well.