Smart TV FAQs

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Q1. What is TVOD TV?

PTCL Smart TV’s viewers have the option of catching up with the programs aired in the preceding four days. This feature gives the viewer flexibility of not missing any of their favorite programs and watching them at the time of their convenience.

Q2. How do I know if a channel has TVOD TV function enabled?

The Channels with TVOD feature can be accessed from the main menu and from the channel list showing TVOD TV icon

Q3. How do I use TVOD TV function?

Press the TVOD button on your remote to access the list of channels with TVOD TV feature. Select the channel of your choice and the program scheduled of that particular channel will be displayed for you. Select the program that you want to watch and click OK.

Q4. What is PVR function?

PVR is the abbreviation of personal video recorder; this feature allows the PTCL Smart TV viewers to schedule recording of their favorite programs which are going to be aired in the coming days. The recording can be scheduled for next four days.

Q5. How do I know if a channel has PVR function enabled?

The Channels with PVR feature can be accessed from the main menu by accessing Personal Video Recorder icon.

Q6. How do I use PVR function?

Select the program from program schedule of your favorite channels and press the yellow button on your remote to schedule the recording. Once the program is aired the recording will be available in the recording management option which can be accessed by pressing the red button on the remote control. The list of recorded program will become and you can watch it as per your convenience.

Q7. Can I also PAUSE a live TV program?

Yes, Pressing the PAUSE button on your PTCL Smart TV remote control unit also allows you to pause a live program. Press PLAY to resume TV program.

Q8. I have rewind a live TV program but how do I exit from this mode?

Press BACK button on your remote control unit to exit the TSTV mode and enjoy live programing.

Q9. What is Parental Control?

This feature enables parents to restrict certain channels which are not suitable for juvenile viewing. Restriction is enabled by assigning a password to particular channel(s) thus empowering parents to control the content their children can watch.

Q10. Where do I access the Parental control?

Use EPG feature to assign Parental Lock to selected content (VOD and TV Channels)

Q11. What is EPG (Electronic Program Guide)?

Electronic Program Guide (EPG) is an extremely responsive and feature-rich application that manages viewer interaction during channel and program selection. It is an on-screen guide to schedule broadcast television programs, allowing viewers to navigate, select, and discover content by time, title, channel, genre, etc, by use of their remote control. It also provides access to billing details, changing password and managing favorites.

Q12. How do I access EPG?

EPG feature can be displayed when you press the EPG button on your remote control unit.

Q13. What is VOD (Video On Demand)?

Video on Demand is a service that provides end users to interactively request and receive videos. VOD permits a customer to select a program from a catalogue using EPG (Electronic Program Guide). The play out of the selected movie starts nearly instantaneously on the customer's TV. A film that is chosen, for example, will be available for multiple viewing during 48 hours without any extra charge.

Q14. How do I watch VODs?

To use this feature simply press the VOD button on the EPG which takes you to categorized content library which includes most popular Genres.

Q15. What is NVOD (Near Video On Demand)

NVOD is another exciting feature working like a community TV Channel. A number of channels are allocated for NVOD. Popular or recently released movies and programs are played on NVOD channels and are available to all Smart TV viewers. Difference between VOD & NVOD is that VOD is a personalized service catering only to individual needs, on payment whereas NVOD is like community cinema available to all Smart TV customers at no extra cost. In case of NVOD channels, customer feedback plays a pivotal role in content selection.

Q16. How can I use the PTCL Smart TV remote control unit for my TV set as well?

Your new STB (model EC1309 & EC1208) can act as your TV remote control Unit as well. This can be done by following the below mentioned simple steps.

Press the “Study” Button on your PTCL Smart TV remote control unit for 3 seconds. You will notice that the indicator next to the power key is steady now.

  1. ✔ Press the “Power” on the TV study keypad on your PTCL Smart TV remote control unit for 1 second. The indicator starts blinking; this indicates that your STB remote control unit is ready for receiving a signal.
  2. ✔ Aim the emission port of your TV remote control unit at the emission port of your PTCL Smart TV remote control unit, and hold down Power on your TV remote control for 3 seconds to send a signal.The distance between the two ports must be within 3 cm.
  3. ✔ If the indicator quickly blinks three times and then is steady on, your PTCL Smart TV remote control unit has received the signal, you can now use your PTCL Smart TV remote control unit for your TV set as well.
  4. ✔ If the indicator does not respond in the preceding way, your STB remote control has failed to receive the signal. Repeat steps 2 and 3.    

Q17. Can VDSL customers avail Smart TV?

Yes they can buy Smart TV.

Q18. Can GPON customers avail multiple Smart Tv on single connection?

Yes customers can buy multiple Smart TV on single GPON connection

Q19. What is the validity period of SVOD bundles? Does it apply for e-junior bundle?

Validity period for SVOD bundles is 30 days from the date of subscription. However for e-junior bundle & ICFLIX, validity period is also 30 days but it will automatically renew after one month. This is only valid for Smart TV App and for STBs B700V5,B760D and B760HS2.

FAQs for Smart TV on its own (without broadband)

Q1. Who can avail Smart TV on its own? 
All the existing and new PSTN customers can avail it.

Q2. How can I get Smart TV on its own? 
You just have to dial 1218 OR by visiting nearest OSS and can avail that package.

Q3. Can I use Broadband in this package?
No you can’t, because BB data rate is Zero.

Q4. Can I shift to any other data rate of BB?

Q5. Can I shift from any other data rate to Zero BB?

Q6. Is there any installation charge of BB?

Q7. Can customer pay upfront for STB or get on installment?
Yes, it’s up to Customer.

Q8. What is the per Month Installement of Set up Box (STB)?
Per Month installement of STB is Rs. 300 for new orders which is applicable from August 1st 2016

Q9. Which modem we will offer to the customer with Smart TV without broadband?
Wired modem will be given in default which will be ensured by CPEI.

Q10. Can customer make calls through PSTN?
Yes, a customer can make calls through PSTN.

Q11. How many minutes are free in this package?
Unlimited On net calls throughout the month (PTCL-PTCL-Vfone).

Q12. Can I make calls to mobile phones?
Yes but that would be charged as per prevailing tariff of Mobile calls. 

Q13. Are all features of Smart TV available in Smart TV without broadband?