Primary Rate Interface (PRI)

Primary Rate Interface (PRI)

PTCL's Primary Rate Interface (PRI)

Primary Rate Interface is a 30 Channel ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) link for voice communication. PTCL’s Primary Rate Interface (PRI) provides virtually unlimited number of ‘pairs’ at customer’s office which grow as your business grows & 30 lines or any multiple of 30 lines to connect you in no time. 

The service uses the public telephone network to carry an all-digital signal that can satisfy your voice and data communications needs in the most efficient and flexible way possible. This gives you 30-40% greater efficiency than traditional analog service. Fewer connections are required and call connection is rapid which saves customers' time and money.

PTCL’s PRI service is ideal for enterprises that require simultaneous transmission of voice, data and video as well as cost effectivity.

Basic Rate Interface (BRI)

Basic Rate Interface (BRI) is a powerful tool for provisioning of voice, data and image transmission over the telephone line through the telephone network. Based on ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) technology, it is being viewed as the logical extension of the digitalization of telecommunication network.

PTCL’s BRI is a digital access technology uses standard twisted pair cables and is nearly three times faster than a 56Kbps dial-up line.  It also provides high quality of digital transmission and high speed data interfaces. 


  • ✔ A combination of voice and data communications with scalability.
  • ✔ Re-allocation of capacity at any time.
  • ✔ Expect 1.54 Mbps of capacity.


  • ✔ Cost effective.
  • ✔ Dual communication (data & voice).
  • ✔ Save travel time with virtual meetings using videoconferencing.
  • ✔ Good option for backup connectivity.

How to Buy

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