Primary Rate Interface (PRI)

Primary Rate Interface (PRI)


Primary Rate Interface is a 30 Channel ISDN link for voice communication. PTCL’s Primary Rate ISDN (PRI) service uses the public telephone network to carry an all-digital signal that can satisfy customer’s voice and data communication needs in the most efficient & flexible way possible

Key Features:

  1. ✔Digital Access technology
  2. ✔Call Hunting, Caller ID
  3. ✔Direct inward and outward dialing
  4. ✔Greater efficiency than traditional analog service
  5. ✔Integration with PABX platforms

Key Benefits:

  1. ✔Scalability of voice and data communications
  2. ✔Flexibility to re-allocate capacity at any time
  3. ✔Efficient management
  4. ✔Cost effective as compared to individual PSTN lines
  5. ✔Good option for backup connectivity

Value addition:

PTCL’s sufficient experience, nationwide network resources as well as nationwide human resources to cater for all the current and future telecommunication needs of the customer. Technology like intelligent network & state of the art network elements deployed nationwide, PTCL network does it all for you. PTCL’s PRI service is ideal for enterprises that require simultaneous transmission of voice & data with customized tariff, dedicated KAM & after sale service portal and connects you in no time.