Corporate SMS (Short Messaging Service)

PTCL provides a simple to use Web interface which allows corporate customers to log in from any internet enabled device/computer and communicate instantly with individuals or groups via bulk text messaging. PTCL Corporate SMS interface is quick and easy. Because it is browser-based, therefore it will work from any device. All you need to access our Web SMS service is Internet access.

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PTCL offers following packages for Corporate SMS (Pak Rupees)

Package Name





One Time Setup charges






Package Fee





Total SMS allowed after tax





Above charges are exclusive of taxes

New users shall follow below procedure for new account creation:

  • ✔ One account will be created and Single MDN shall be issued against a single CNIC.
  • ✔ Customer can subscribe one or more than one packages under one created account (i.e. against one MDN).
  • ✔ Account and package subscription is valid for 30 days and both shall expire automatically if customer doesn’t purchase any package within the expiry date.
  • ✔ Customer is not required to repurchase the account/MDN if any package is purchased before the expiry of existing package.
  • ✔ Customer has to consume all SMS available in package within validity of existing package.
  • ✔ Existing package additional SMS shall not be carried forward to the next month in case new package is subscribed before expiry of existing package.
  • ✔ Customer can purchase one package for as many months by purchasing same package over and again.
  • ✔ Every time customer purchases a package, it will increase account subscriptions’ expiry date for an additional 30 days.
  • ✔ Appropriate tax deductions as per applicable laws will be made before making any payment to CSL.

Activation procedure:

An MDN will be allotted by the system with validity of three days and an SMS containing allotted MDN, concerned corporate sales/service manager’s contact information and payable amount (as per the selected package) will be sent on customer’s mobile number.

Within three days of account creation; Customer will submit the copy of his/her CNIC in person to respective corporate sales center along with a request on letterhead/plain paper mentioning the MDN.

Customer will load the balance equal to one time setup charges and package fee against issued MDN through any PTCL KIOSK Machine (WLL/EVO Prepaid) at PTCL OSS or Ufone retailer (EVC).

Customer account will be activated and an SMS shall be sent on his/her mobile number with username and password.

Customer is now able to sign in on PTCL corporate SMS interface to use the service. Remaining SMS and expiry date will be displayed on the top of the corporate SMS interface.

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