Our Training Academies

Our vast network of training infrastructure includes 12 PTCL Training Centers all over Pakistan where we provide soft and technical skills training. We keep our employees updated with the latest trends and develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes with a futuristic approach. Click here to visit our Training & Development website.

Our Training Programs

Technical / Soft Skills

Being the Largest Telecom Operator in Pakistan, we ensure that our employees are hands on with the latest Technical developments.

These training programs are designed to focus on skills/knowledge directly related to the job performed by the individuals. These type of trainings specifically contribute in the professional development of the employees. e.g. Optical Fiber Access Network Planning.

Soft / Behavioral Skills

We always strive for a good Work Culture which can only be possible through great attitude and behaviors of our employees.

These programs develop certain behavioral skills in people e.g. Time Management, Stress Management etc.

Management / Leadership Programs

These training programs are designed to improve leadership, supervisory and management skills of the employees .e.g. Corporate Governance and Leadership, Change Management etc.

IT Skills Development

These training programs represents the set of trainings that develop new or furnish the existing skills of information technology in the participants. e.g. Data Analysis essentials using Excel 2007/2010, Pivot Table & Data Analysis using MS Excel etc.

Workshops / Seminars

A workshop usually has “hands on” exercises integrated into it to supplement the information that is covered in the session(s). Workshops can involve multiple sessions spread over many days or weeks..

Seminars are frequently more lecture driven with less participant interaction other than answering questions. In a seminar one presenter may give a seminar on self-publishing, presenting all the information to the attendees. S/he is doing the “work” while the audience is doing the active listening.

Academic Programs

In order to support the personal and professional development of the employees, PTCL T&D dept. offers open and targeted academic programs that complement activities taking place in various functions in order to keep a constant flow of fresh ideas into the organization e.g. MSc Telecom Engineering

Foreign Trainings

We send our employees to foreign countries  for  high quality trainings. These include programs offered to high performers like mini MBA for HIPOs ,programs offered under contract obligations  by M/S ZTE, Huawei, Alcatel and Motorola etc.