We believe in a strong linkage between the Corporate Sector and the Academia. In alignment with this belief, we are Proud to launch our Campus Drive PTCL O2 Lounge which aims to impart knowledge to students in various universities across Pakistan. Our Growth Ambassadors would conduct Knowledge Sessions on renowned topics from the Corporate Sector. The topics will range from Technical & IT fields to Commercial & HR. We aim to provide a great opportunity for you to engage with our Growth Ambassadors.

PTCL O2 Lounge originates from our Employer Brand PTCL Grow. "Growth" is our Employer Value Proposition and we pride ourselves in it. It is reflected in various projects that our employees are engaged in, ranging from latest innovative technologies to constant process improvements.

We, as a socially responsible organization, take it upon ourselves to engage and educate the diverse talent across Pakistan. We have set about to impart knowledge and enthusiasm, that we call O2, in order to ignite the Growth Potential in you, the talented students. By doing so, we intend to kick-start numerous careers and, in the future, we hope to see you in some of the top positions in the corporate world.

Growth Ambassadors are our HIPOs (High Potential – High Performing Employees), Future Leaders, and Highly Experienced Management employees.

Click here to see the profile of our Growth Ambassadors.

  • Sessions will comprise of knowledge regarding various functions / departments, depending upon the topic chosen for your campus, including Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management and Technical. (For more information, stay tuned on our Facebook Page or Twitter)
  • The session at your respective campus will end with a Q&A Session where you can ask questions regarding the topic at hand and PTCL in general.
  • Our Growth Ambassadors shall be sharing their vast amount of experience in the respective fields which would enhance your understanding of the Corporate World.
  • There will be exciting GiveAways!
  • You will be able to develop your social network with employees of PTCL

The "Power Bands" are a unique proposition for participants of the PTCL O2 Lounge. Power Bands are wrist bands that will be provided to all the participants of the session. These Bands provide you certain “powers” of your own based upon the following criteria:

  • Before the session starts, students will be requested to fill out a brief form including some basic information like their name, contact details, CGPA etc.
  • After verifying this information through the respective university’s Career Office, the PTCL Talent Acquisition Team will send out emails to various shortlisted Power Band Holders in order to schedule a General Assessment by PTCL’s Talent Acquisition Team.
    • Please note that only those students shall have the right to a scheduled general assessment who have been formally emailed / informed by the PTCL Talent Acquisition Team.
  • Details of how to schedule the General Assessment will be communicated to the shortlisted students via a formal email
  • The validity of the Power Bands will last for 18 Months starting from the date of email
  • A single Power Band Holder will only be able to exercise his/her power for a General Assessment once
  • The Power from the Power Band is non-transferable; meaning the Power Band Holder will not be able to recommend or suggest somebody else on his/her behalf.