Lagataar Offer

 PTCL Lagataar Offer Brings you the Best all-in-one convenient bundle!


  Freedom Plus Package 

  • Package charges: Rs. 999/- per month
  • Unlimited On-Net Calls ( PTCL -PTCL )
  • Unlimited Calls PTCL to Ufone
  • 500 minutes to other mobile network
  • 100 International minutes (Only Selected Countries)

Smart TV

  • 100+ live TV channels
  • Time shift TV ( TSTV)
  • TV on demand 
  • Video on demand
  • Electronic Program guide

 DSL 4Mbps Starter Package 

  • 4Mbps Starter Package @ Rs. 999 with 40GB downloads
  • Free WiFi with every new connection



  • Largest Landline and Broadband Network of Pakistan
    Unlimited On-Net calls throughout the month
    Uninterrupted Connectivity
  • 100 + live high quality channels
    100s of Movies , Dramas, Kids content, sports, Video on demand
    Personal Video Recording 
  • Unlimited downloads, high speed browsing, uninterrupted video streaming, and improved gaming experience under "4Mbps Triple Play Bundle ".
    Wifi facility ensuring user mobility within the premises and shared connectivity
    Unparalleled broadband speed & reliability
    100s of Movies , Dramas, Kids contenet, sports, Video on demand
    Unlimited On-Net calls throughout the month



  • Freedom Plus Package charges: Rs. 999/- per month
  • Smart TV Package charges: Rs. 449/- per month
  • DSL 4Mbps Triple Play Bundle Package Charges : Rs. 2250/- Per month 

Terms and Taxes will apply. For further details, visit:  

How to Buy

To subscribe to PTCL broadband service call 0800 8 0800

Free Wi-Fi modem on all new connections

For complaint registration please call 1218