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Business DSL

Bandwidth ranging from128Kbps to 2Mbps

Business DSL (broadband) gives your business guaranteed internet access. Easily installed on existing phone lines. The dedicated higher bandwidth also gives you faster downloading speed. By employing SHDSL (Symmetrical High Speed Digital Subscriber Lines) technology, PTCL broadband transforms ordinary copper telephone lines into high–speed digital lines. Connection exhibits symmetric nature to upload as fast as you download is well suited to content creators who need to deliver information to their clients more than they download information faster to your computer than it uploads information from your computer to the internet. Unlike residential DSL, speed is guaranteed. With PTCL broadband your business can communicate better and have faster access to the information highway.

No dialup required. No more disconnection and busy signals. PTCL business DSL is designed for “business grade” internet traffic offering the highest levels of performance and minimal disruption of services.

PTCL offers free static IP with BDSL to Corporate Customers to run Public Servers such as, Mail server, Web server etc., directly from private network.


  • Always ON , reliable connection
  • Guaranteed CIR
  • Faster and easy installation
  • Easily scalable
  • Flexible packages
  • Cost-effective

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