Digital Cross Connect (DXX)
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Bandwidth ranging from 64Kbps to 2Mbps

Telecommunication networks are the most important infrastructure element of any business today. As the business increasingly depends on it, quality of networks is gaining a strategic importance.

PTCL offers a flexible and reliable data services solution through a high quality platform of Digital Leased Lines Network. PTCL’s Digital Cross Connect (DXX) network provides the most dependable media for WAN connectivity with more than 1000 nodes countrywide.

DXX (Digital Cross Connect) is a network facility used by enterprises to switch and multiplex low-speed voice and data signals onto high-speed lines and vice versa.


  • Flexible and reliable data service solutions
  • Dependable media for WAN connectivity
  • Local , Nationwide as well as Global coverage
  • Reliability and high security

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